Friday, February 11, 2011

Solidarity Appeal with Egyptian Workers

As the Eyptian Revolution reaches a crucial stage, messages of international solidarity have become incredibly important. Please see below for an Appeal for international solidarity from the newly formed independent trade union federation in Egypt.

Send messages of support to

And copy in revolutionary socialists who are organising on the ground:

An appeal from Kamal Abu Aita, President of the Egyptian independent Property Tax Collectors’ Union, RETAU

“We want trade union solidarity, not fake solidarity from international governments. This international workers’ solidarity is an alternative to capitalist globalization and militarization.

The British and US governments make a lot of noise about ‘democracy’ and ‘stopping the violence’, but the bullets which are killing us are made in the USA. This message must get out: the regime cut off our communications.

But workers’ solidarity is stronger: it shows we can make a more humane future together. We have founded a new independent union federation which has around 2 million members and includes four unions: RETAU, the Pensioners’ Union, the independent teachers’ union and the healthworkers’ union.

The new union federation was founded in Tahrir Square on 25 January, it is called the Egyptian Federation of Independent Unions.

The independent unions have been here from the beginning.

We formed committees to defend the revolution on the first day, while the government-controlled Egyptian Trade Union Federation was organising committees to smash the revolution.

We are organising civil disobedience and encouraging people to stay in the streets and not go to work.

This great revolution has opened new horizons for workers’ freedoms.

It is also characterized by unity between Muslims and Christians. Reactionary forces are trying to stir up sectarian hatreds because they are afraid of this unity.

We reject any negotiations with the regime before Mubarak goes. We will only support a negotiating committee when Mubarak has gone.

You can help us. Your pressure on the government will help us.”

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