Friday, June 1, 2012

On Egypt and Greece

(or remember dialectics anyone?)

A debate is haunting facebook, a polemic with two sides and angry words. The blogosphere is groaning under the weight of angry proclomations.

As I'm off on holiday for a week, I was going to add my thoughts to this debate but, as Cliff used to say, I will stand on the shoulder of giants by flagging up some of the more interesting links in the debate.

On Greece
It's also worth checking out the debate in Fourth International (the orthodox trots).

On Egypt
I don't even have to write these myself as John Molyneux has done a good job here. John, as ever though, is generous in his polemic. I am less forgiving so, simply:

If you think joining Syriza is the way forward you are simply a reformist. Its the height of opportunism, electoralism and centrism. It also, crucially, fails the Greek working class and demonstrates that you no longer see workers self-activity as the key agent of delivering socialism.

Not critically supporting Moursi in the Egyptian election is the worst kind of abstract ultraleftism I've seen. Faced with a tangible threat to the revolution in a situation where, up til now, the class and the Party aren't hegemonic, you have to side with those forces that will increase the confidence of the class - in a decision between Shafiq and Moursi, that means the Brotherhood.

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